Our Story

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Our Story

TK & Partners is a private venture capital firm focused on achieving exceptional performance for start-ups in South East Asia. We are founded and run by highly experienced leaders from the top management consultants, corporates, finance companies and start-ups in South East Asia and beyond.

Our mission is to do much more than simply invest. We are dedicated to bringing the very best of our experience, expertise and network to select exceptional startups and founders, and partner with them to grow faster, bigger and better.

Message from our Founder and Managing Partner

Tomas Koch and Ed Lock

Ed Lock - Managing Partner and Dr. Tomas Koch - Founder & Chairman

We want TKP to be THE driving force behind a new wave of start-up successes in Thailand and South East Asia. Every month, we come across many good ideas and strong founders, but historically there have been very few unicorn success stories. Our passion is to change that. We are committed to finding the very best new businesses and pairing them up with the very best of TKP: our expertise, our experience, our networks, our market access and our capital. Together we can build some extraordinary businesses.

Dr. Tomas Koch & Ed Lock

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TK Partners activities
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