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A Message from Founder and Managing Partner

“After Serving 30 years at Mckinsey in Europe, US, Korea and the last years in Thailand, I retired as a Senior Partner Emeritus in Thailand. I still serve McKinsey & Company as a Senior Advisor with a great passion for the most critical issues. But it is also time to pass on my learnings on how to transform, grow and digitize companies into startups, where I serve as an Advisors to Antler and also invest actively in startups myself.” – Tomas Koch


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Business Analyst (Intern)

Work in a team of 1-2 analysts and/or associate to drive the startup scanning process, evaluate startup potentials and risk profiles and identify/ implement potential solutions for a specific challenge.


Business Analyst (full-time)

Lead a specific startup end to end from the due diligence, and investment process, and support the startup on their growth strategy 


Develop strategies and business plans for startups and lead the overall program management to ensure their successes


Project Manager

Lead independently and oversee the whole investment process from the beginning to the end - identifying the opportunity, due diligence, setting up the team, and managing the whole scaling process


Co-owner of TK & Partner, responsible for the growth of the Firm and its portfolio - makes financial decisions on behalf of the investors and ensures high return portfolio and exits.


Our Culture, Your Life, Your Growth at TK & Partners

Impact: “Make a difference - big & fast”

Impact comes in different shapes and forms (e.g., profits, customer satisfaction, sustainability). 

No matter which form of impact, we want to make a difference – big and fast. At TKP, we aspire to achieve an impact factor of 5 to 10 times for our investments within 2 years. 

Flexibility: “Work-from-anywhere”

Workplace flexibility is a  way to respond to changing circumstances and expectations.

TKP puts this in practice by providing the option for hybrid work. When there are no in-person meeting, employees have to option either work at home, at the office, or at the client’s. 

Coaching and Mentorship: "Feedback Drives Personal Growth"

“It takes a village to create leader”. Coaching and mentorship is fundamental to personal and professional growth.

At TKP, we take that serious. We embodies a coaching culture where coaching & mentorship is daily practice and formally institutionalized every quarter.

Entrepreneurship: “Act like an owner”

Drive and passion are one of the key drivers to success and forms the basic for great entrepreneurs.

AT TKP we are in search for individuals with entrepreneurial spirits who can make a difference on the world.

Diversity: "Strength Lies in Differences"

Acceptance to differences in age, gender, ethnicity, education, physical abilities, race, and religion among individuals plays a vital role in company’s growth and culture.

At TKP, we firmly believe that we can make better decisions and have bigger impact with diverse teams.


Gaysorn Tower; 26th Floor127, Ratchadamri Rd, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330

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