We are looking for passionate founders that have high potential business ideas.
Currently, we have invested in and supported the following startups in Thailand.

Siam Seaplane will offer Thailand’s first of its kind premium seaplane service — providing faster, easier and seamless access to waterfront resorts, beaches and marinas.

Welala provides home-based diagnostic kits, enabling everyone to take control of their health and well-being more effectively than ever before.

The platform that enables tenants to find the most suitable home at the best price and helps owners to earn more, effortlessly by employing the latest technologies and eliminating hassles involved in renting processes.

RC Labs design and manufacture Intelligent Battery Management Systems for EVs and stationary energy storage.

VFlowTech aims to develop the most affordable and reliable modular vanadium redox flow batteries in the world with the focus on delivering a long-duration and scalable energy storage solution.

Ackcio builds reliable wireless monitoring systems to make industrial operations smarter and safer.

RFO aims to provide water which has the absolute minimal footprint on the environment and treats nature, people and the communities we operate in fairly and in the most healthy way possible.

Planted by the ambition to provide access to curated high quality cannabis products, Bloom has blossomed into empowering its customers into making easy and knowledgeable purchase decisions to improve their health and happiness with cannabis.

Advanced Microgrid Solutions  is redefining energy storage with cutting-edge technology and a goal of creating the world’s most affordable and scalable vanadium redox flow batteries.d

Smart Aquaculture that  is shaping the way shrimp farming has been done in the past. With Smart Farm Management System, Hydroneo will tackle some of the biggest challenges in the industry is facing through our aquaculture monitoring automation system. 

Global Bugs is a leading player in the protein industry’s shift from unsustainable protein to sustainable protein sourced from crickets


InvitroCUE is a leading provider of personalized oncology and bio-analytic solutions. They sepcialises in developing ground-breaking 3D cell-based models such as Patient-Derived Organoids from all solid cancers.  

Updates from Start-ups

As we continue to move forward with launching seaplane services, we are excited and happy to introduce to you our sister brand, Siam Scenic,

Free WELALA Webinar  New Trends on how to take care of your health on Friday 21st October 2022, 12:00-13:00 (Bangkok Time)

TK & Partners support these companies in various areas including company setup, development of business plan and marketing & sales strategy, operations set up, team building, and fundraising.

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Health & Wellness, Foodtech, Tourism, Clean technology

Thailand and SEA
Pre-seed to seed round
Ticket size
 100K- 500K USD


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